Hospitality jobs

Gateway Trading offers skilled ratings, experienced professional officers, excellent masters and chief engineers and best selection of highly educated cadets as well.

We have also very qualified welders-fitters and sandblasters/painters with previous experience at sea, ship-repair yards and ship-building yards. They can do repair and maintenance works on ships:

  • Repairs and replacement of pipelines;
  • Repairs of hatch covers, bulwarks, ladders;
  • Replacement, repairs, priming and painting of deck plating;
  • Chipping rusts and painting works inside vessel and on the deck;
  • Cleaning ballast and cargo tanks;
  • Doing all types of sandblasting :
    • Dry blasting
    • Hydro blasting
    • Slurry blasting.

We are specialized and have a lot of experience in selecting and placing Riding Crews for companies that are doing ship repairs, coating, painting. Our crews are able to do sandblasting/painting and cleaning of all types of tanks (fresh water tanks, ballast tanks, fuel/oil tanks on all kind of ships including passenger vessels) at very high quality.

We also have the most up to date information about previous employers' evaluations of seamen, so we are able to provide prospective employers with references for seamen. This allows the shipping company to make the best-informed decision about whom to hire.

* The titles are the types of positions that we regularly recruit for. This list is not all inclusive and does not necessarily represent current openings.